"The Cocaine Fiends", 1935


"The Cocaine Fiends", 1935

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Foxy Brown, 1997


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ART: Symbiosis by Rik Garrett

Artist Rik Garrett depicts couples in various positions and stages of entwinement who have quite literally fused, flesh to flesh, and become a single being.

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FW13 Hair Test with Chloe

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"The film has no extra gestures. It regards with a level, interested gaze. The camera by its discipline discourages us from interpreting Nana’s life in a melodramatic way. There is that dry French logic, the way every sentiment seems prefaced by an inaudible ‘of course.’ Curious, then, how moving Anna Karina makes Nana. She waits, she drinks, she smokes, she walks the streets, she makes some money, she turns herself over to the first pimp she meets, she gives up control of her life. There is one scene where she dances to a jukebox and laughs, and we can glimpse the young girl that may be inside, that may be her soul. The rest is all outside." — Roger Ebert on Vivre sa vie

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PHOTOGRAPHY: Ecce Homo by Evelyn Bencicova

The somber hued photographs in Berlin-based artist Evelyn Bencicova’s series Ecce Homo feature faceless nudes arranged in immaculate compositions that range from purely sculptural to darkly dramatic.

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